Writing a Short... My Dreamstate/mind...
Tuesday, March 7, 2006, 04:09 AM

"Clone Crusade" is part of my Edgen Super Hero series. Its two of me in a fighter jet tackling the evil pollution. For those who travel the pennyrile parkway back in Kentucky, you'll recognize the big smoke stacks. I took the picture as I was speeding along. How safe am I? No worries. Cause i'm spiderman. (click image to see full view)

I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I have 2-3 movies out there still 'editing' and I've decided to just go and make my own. So, I've come up with a small short film called, 'Insides'. Its about a dude... and artist... a digital artist. (sound familiar?) And a journey of his mental thoughts on life and those around him.

I'm not sure how long it will be, but I'm guessing around 8 minutes or so. Of course, i've got the soundtrack in my head and all the necessary means to make the movie. My good friend Susan Laine along with Futene are helping to produce the film. I think it'll be a neat little project. Not to mention one I can finally officially call 'my own'. Along with Insides, I have another series of ultra quick shorts called, "Mack and Jack". Its about to two stoners who've never smoked and their daily adventures as young adults who still can't seem to grow up. I'll post these as a series once I get them shot. they'll probably be anywhere from 30-45 seconds a piece.

I had a weird dream.. (like I always do) It consisted of my dad with a rifle shooting a Bull that's attacking one of our buffalo (i'd assume it was ours). I'm in an old farm house on the second floor looking out the window across a small yard. He's out by the fence near a small pond and he's trying to save the buffalo's life. Then, finally he knocks it down dead with multiple shots. When all the sudden, this massive Rhino looking thing emerges from beyond the hills and starts to roar trampling the wounded buffalo into the ground. Dad takes off running and the whole time this is happening, i'm filming it with my little cybershot camera. I look up and there's this alien dropship deploying bomb after bomb. each one exploding closer to the old house. I take a deep breath, clentch up, and yell for my brothers to head for the basement. My youngest exclaims he wants to play another round of Warcraft. "FRakk no!" I said and they run down with me to the basement. I look out the windows and I see little objects trolling about the windows. I rush to lock all the doors... one after the next and i realize there's one more to go.. By then I'm looking towards the door as it slowly opens. of course, I couldn't move as if there was glue stuck to every part of my body. I make it to the door and there stood 2 little creatures about 3 feet tall staring right at me. The other was behind the door that opened up to the outside. I quickly reached for the door knob to shut it as the creatures started to advance closer. aRRGHGHAGH.. Crap! slammed the door and ducked down. I look back to my brothers who are curled up in fetal positions against the washer and dryer. I woke up.

I often wonder about myself and wish I would write more of these down. It happens to me all the time. My roomates think I'm nuts. Maybe I just shouldn't tell them my dreams anymore. Its never murderers, never Hot, beautiful women who are movie stars wishing to sit on my lap, its never in big crowded cities.. Its always in small remote places.

Mom, I hope you don't read this cause you are probably think you've got a really bizarre son. Well. ya. I suppose so.

Ahhhh.. dreams. If you get a chance to just sleep in, that's the way to go. let your mind go. I think its ok. just know this... there are others out there like us.

till next round.

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Scoring GPS The Movie - ATV clip | The Freeways...
Thursday, March 2, 2006, 01:29 AM

A 10 minute clip set up by my camera on one of the MIDI scoring sesssions at my studio for "GPS The Movie". Check the site for more info and stuffs. I hope you enjoy babbling. It maybe a bit boring cause its one static camera shot, but oh well. get over it.

Ha!! I was getting off the freeway (all my great stories evolve around the 101) and I came to a light. Well, this old clunker was sitting in the middle of the road. I couldn't see the cars in front of it, and all the sudden the light turned green for me to take a left. Well, the car is still there. hehehehhe.. then.. This little old asian woman jumps out of the passenger side of the car and starts pushing it.. YEllIng at her husband who's steering it. She moved it about a foot and yelled more. Well, of course the LA mentality of people swerved right on around them. Well, I wanted to stop... I felt that It would be a good deed to stop, but I didn't. I had to keep going because of all the others behind me not even realizing what was going on. It wasn't the situation but the yelling that made me laugh. I'm sure the husband was like, "You dumb Wentch... Push!" hehehehe ok. it wasn't so funny, but I had a good chuckle. One of those things that just gets implanted in my head.

I've been writing a short film over the past week and I'm getting together with my friend Susan to put it in production. Its a dark little story about a Digital Artist who goes crazy and starts making shit up. Sound familiar? that's odd. ya. who. Ya. Well, I've got a meeting this weekend with a few people to make it. should be fun.

A new MP3: "Dark Armada - Hostile Enemy"
Visit the 'listen' section of this site.

Looking for a clue for GPS The Game?
If you know what state (U.S.) the movie was filmed, you'll know which entry to find the clue...
Happy Hunting! :)


tis all.

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And the Hunt Begins.
Wednesday, March 1, 2006, 01:06 AM

Strange things usually happen to me. Like the other day I was just driving along and all the sudden this massive pile of smoke bolted out from a car ahead of me. Immediately, I was like... 'oh snap.. a wreck!!' So, I slowed down. The smoke cleared and the driver kept driving as if nothing was wrong. People here in LA are weird. Cool weird. but a weird weird. stupid story i know.

I got another gig today. its short music clips/loops for a Kids educational Game. :) Kids ROCK!! I suppose I look around every now and then and see one jumping around without a worry in the world and I'll say to myself.. "Ya know... I want one of those. Where can I get one?" Then, think back and realize that's not such a good idear at the moment. For one, I still sleep on a sleeping bag. I suppose its not so bad. If you've ever slept on a sleeping bag, as you know, they are comfortable as hell! Almost as good as sleeping on silk. :)

Bundled up a group of CDs tonight to ship out tomorrow. i'm a few weeks behind. (Sorry guys who ordered them last week) I'm actually developing a system with my dad to sell the individual .zip files straight from the web, that way people won't have to buy the physical Cd, but can rather just purchase the artwork, mp3s, stories, and assests to make the CDs themselves and save a 3-4 bucks. Cool huh? ya. I thought so too. then.. i'm going to license the software out to my music friends who want to do the same. And.. of course get a small commission from each sale. Again.. not bad eh?

as I write in this blog, I wonder how long I'll actually continue to update it. Most things I get, i'll play with them for a while and then get bored. I actually had another blog at blogger.com but nixed that after a while.

The Hunt? Yes. I was trolling around the countryside one day and look what I found. I'm telling you, thes guys friggin' stink!! Oh My, They are beautiful... but stink. Shewey. I've got some more great shots like this and i'll post them in my next blog entry. So, keep coming back. Also.. I've got a discount for my DVD coming up that i'll only post here. Bada Big Boom. Multipass.


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"Daughter of the East Wind" | LM's "Ants" | Misc Stuff
Sunday, February 26, 2006, 10:46 PM
"Daughter of the East Wind" - 3D Short Trailer
- Short Film Trailer
Directed by: Christian Reski, Production: German Film School.de
"Every time a sensitive soul tries to break free, it leaves something of great worth behind." It's A short film 3d animation trailer for the German Film School.
Watch it Now (.mov)


Here's a first round draft of a short animation by a USC Animation student, Liz Marriner. She was referred to me by my friend Bear McCreary. 1 MB mp3. Its still a works in progress. Again, trying to branch out a bit. Yikes!!


>> Other than that, I'm working on 3 new composer websites, about to start an indy feature film score, and 2 other shorts. My plate is getting heavy and i'm having a tough time trying to figure out what to do next. I have 7 post it notes tacked to my computer monitor and its filled with 5-6 each. Nothing seems to be getting crossed off, and I keep adding more. WTF am I thinking? Geezus. I just need to learn to relax and as my friend, Magri says... "Stop to smell the roses damnit". Well, I smelled the roses before and I know what they are like. Perhaps I'll try and smell some honeysuckles. That way i'm at least getting to taste them too.

MySpace... Everyone's got it. I'm getting all sorts of great people, and its opening my doors to a whole new group of people. From every shape and forms of life. Including old past friends from HS. Speaking of that.. My 10 year reunion is coming up and I'm going to go. Yay me. Also, my friend Charmaine is going to be on this season's "The Apprentice" So... check the show out and root her on. She may suck, or she may take it all the way to the end. She won't tell. I do have to say that she's looking friggin' amazing still! Most people from HS got chubby or have 2-3 kids. Which.... is cool and all, but they choose to start life early. Fuck. I'm still at square one. I'm sure one of these days someone will come in and swipe me off my feet. She better make me laugh. That's all I've got to say about that. :)

Otherwise, I'll continue to pound the beers and the mountain dews while my desk piles up with shit of papers and bills. Maybe i'll take down some of these sticky notes and just throw them away. Oops.. That would piss some clients off now wouldn't it? "sorry dude.. I forgot".. (j/k) I love my work and my job. California ain't half bad either. I do miss home and my family though. 3 years I say. 3 years till you see a film on the silver screen and I scored the soundtrack. I still have 2.5 to go.

till the next one. Rock it pocket cocket.
Word is Bond. James Bond.


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My First Entry. Awwww... How Frakkin' Sweet.
Saturday, February 25, 2006, 03:48 AM
welp.. here we go. sit back and listen to my babble.

first off.. i'm a big procrastinator. I have a HORRIBLE time getting stuff done on time. here it is.. 3:30 in the morning and I haven't done a single bit of work. Granted, my work is my play, but crap!! Guess that's what happens when your brain is going a thousand miles a minute. All that and I'm a completely drug free dude.

I hope my mom reads this.
then again.. maybe not. I hope offend some of the people who read this. I love messing with their 'sensitive', 'brainwashed', and 'sheltered' heads. You know who you are. :)

Anyway, I just updated my credits page both here and at my Edgen site.

work wise... there's a bunch.


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