DVXuser.com Horrorfest 06 | Music | Brown Waters | Lakeside
Tuesday, October 17, 2006, 05:57 AM
Added 6 new videos/short films in the videos www.justindurban.com section.

"Brown Waters - Official Website"
Written/Directed/Edited/Score by: me

Directed by: Matt Thompson
Co-directed/edited/score/sfx/vfx by: me
(Ranked 8th place at www.dvxuser.com horrorfest '06)

More Short films can be found here:

All Orchestral Music by: me

"R.E.M." (ranked 10th at www.dvxuser.com horrorfest '06)



"Dead Inside"

If you goto www.justindurban.com , you can hear some of my new tunes.

Added "JM11", "Dead Inside", "Goliath", "Destructive Reconciliation", "Delicate Measures", "Prince of Toads", "Phoenix Agenda - Hand to Hand", "Brown Waters", "Lakeside", "Prophecy Trailer", "Max Payne: Payne and Redemption - Cello", & "Phoenix Agenda - En Route"

Umm.. what else. Holy crap I'm beat. Last month was a real kicker for me. On top of scoring the 6 films, I also submitted the two to www.dvxuser.com 's Horrorfest '06 competition. "Lakeside" ended up placing 8th. (of 65) "Brown Waters" placed 35 (of 65)

I just wrapped, "The Phoenix Agenda" feature film along with "GPS The Movie" which I attended the premiere in Seattle, WA. It was a HUGE success, and Hopefully you guys will get to see it in blockbusters everywhere! :)

allll alll alll the the the best!

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www.DVXuser.com - Hero Fest - The Stars Above
Tuesday, August 22, 2006, 08:40 AM
"The Stars Above"

More information on the movie here:
or Directly Download it here:

This was submitted a few months back, but I'm finally sitting down to write about it. Because it was for DVX user, I was not allow to post outside of the website. Now that its over, here we go... :)

Das right boys and girls.. I've went out on a limb and shot myself a movie. (another one) My roommates left for the weekend so I didn't have anyone else really to come help out and I was bound and determined to make an entry for the May 30th deadline. (well, that's not entirely true, but for some reason I just wanted to see if I could pull the entire thing off myself.) (ya, I'm a chode like that)

So, on the 19th of May (Friday evening) I happened to come across a loaned DVX. Yay I says!! (well, for the time being.) I'm told I would have the camera for at least two weeks. Plenty of time to shoot some of my K&K trailer footage and come up with a cool lil' Hero film for the film festival.


Roommate calls, "Umm.. ya, cam has to be returned on Monday morning. Sorry dude. Not my call..." (this was Saturday afternoon (may20th) and I hadn't started filming anything yet)

So, with an empty house... I sat down, looked around my room and found a cowboy hat that I had purchased from Eric Colley (Director of GPS the movie) (another long story) and thought that looked to be a good start. So, I pulled out my trench coat and thought it looked like some sort of hero. Or.. masked villain. Whatever.. just use your imagination like I did people and the world will be a better place. (for you and me…). So, I took a baseball cap and turned it backwards and flipped it upside down and tied some duct tape around it to fit securely under my chin. then, I took a scarf and placed it over the upside down cap. Bingo. I've got a start on a costume. Check it.

Then, Now what. I took off my friggin’ blazin hot superhuman garmets and went outside and sat on the hammock and looked to the sky with my pad/pencil. Damn. I love the California sky. So blue.. so nice.. ahh the bliss. Just hope it doesn't decide to fart and have an earthquake on us. Beside the point. So, I was thinking... "What would a super hero do all day if he's sitting there protecting someone. Someone like myself, which I do nothing but sit in front of my damn computer anyway. Life's gota be pretty boring right?

Ok.. great!! he's a protector of a boring guy! That's stupid too. Hurmm.. Well, what if its... (spoiler) (nah.. I'm not going to give it away) muuuuaahahahaha!! You'll have to go watch the movie. Regardless, the character receives a gift from "The Stars Above" and it starts to 'persuade' him.

Bottom line.. I shot the thing myself and had 40+ VFX shots. Keep in mind.. deadline was less than 6 days away. Crash course in After Effects, lots of rotoscoping and glows, motion tracking, Chroma keying of some green screen shots. (which, some of them suck ass btw) On top of learning all these new tools, I still have a job.. other gigs, and somewhat of a non-dysfunctional social life with my awesome roomies so finding the time was daunting in itself. But, I was bound and determined. NOT to mention I scored 2 other films for the festival including my own. AND... a backup score for another entry. (which, i don't think was even used which is cool cause its still a really rad "Matrix'esk" styled ending with lots o' groovin' drums. tis called, RFEYED. http://edgen.hostpaw.com/edgen_rfeyed.mp3

The fest had to be a series of a few rules. 6 minutes in length, pertain to a superhero, and must be done within a certain time period (no preexisting films could be submitted)

All I have to say is that the community over there at www.dvxuser.com is absolutely fantastic and it’s a really really great group of people all willing to help out, contribute and put resources together to help anyone out.

and ya.. Go check it out! Who knows.. Some of these guys WILL be the next spielbergs, and lucas’s and M.Nights and Tarentinos, and Name of Famous Director here. :)

You can comment at the DVXuser.com forum:


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Stupid me... I killed my piano.
Sunday, August 20, 2006, 08:34 PM
I thought i would be cool today and fix my piano and clean out all the crap. well, stupid mistake. I get everything taken off and placed nicely on the floor.. then, I go in with a pair of plyers and re-align the little pegs to fit horizontal to the key itself. For those who have taken apart a piano before probably know what I'm screamin.

Then.. k. cool. no hair, no dirt.. looks like champ under the hood. I start to replace the keys back to their homes. Funct me. I hit a key. OK, have you ever taken a piece of velvet and rubbed it against a kitchen knife? Ya.. it catches and scrapes. Well, that's what stupid ass me did with the peg. Now when I hit the keys, there's a little scraping sound as i punch down the keys and when it releases. Ugg. So, in another two-3 years, maybe I'll have to go back in and sand those little guys back down.

Moral of the story.. use soft needle nose plyers or something that will not funct up the metal knobs and scrape against velvet.

So, when I finaly get around to recording a track with my 'now personalized' piano, you'll hear this scratching sound every time a key is played.

live and learn. live.. and... learn.


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"Vengeance" is Finished! | Summer | Moving to Burbank...
Sunday, July 23, 2006, 05:55 PM
The 3:00 minute cue I recorded with X-Ray Dog entitled, "Vengeance" is finally finished and off to the 'printer'. I was able to successfully break it down into 3 cues and while listening to the 'drums only', I ended up creating a 4th cue called, "Divine Crusade". But, its got the stamp of approval from the 'big dog' and is now on its way to be mastered by Pat S. Then... hopefully it'll make its way into the editing suites of some of the top trailer editing houses. (crosses fingers)

Other than that, its summer time. Its hot as frak here at my house and unfortuntately I haven't had the chance to spring for a new AC unit. BUt, alas, i'm moving at the end of the month so hopefully I can stand it a wee longer. I'm moving to Burbank/Toluca Lake so it'll be yet another chapter in my life. I'm currently sweating up here in the beautiful 'Woodland Hills'.

For the music front, I'm currently 'signed on' for 9 short films ranging from 2 minutes to 10 minutes in length along with 4 indy feature films. Slowly but surely i'm knocking the little guys out and the features... well, they are beasts in themselves. So that will be an adventure as ususal. Because I'm doing so many projects, I feel as though my skills are improving and I'm finally ready to take my work to the next level. So, I just set myself a goal of finding myself an agent. Now... I know finding one is going to be a bitch and its one massive 'catch 22' to find him/her, but I've got now until December 7th (my birthday) to nail one down. I think that's a reasonable amount of time and by then, my skills will hopefully improved yet again and ready to take on the full big budget films. (again, crossing my fingers) I'm still also working part time for X-Ray Dog. Specially since everyone is finishing up their cues, it'll be a rush time to get their badass music to the world. Definitely look out... it'll be the next wave music you'll hear in the theatre trailers.

Kings and Kingdoms ( www.kingsandkingdomsmovie.com ) is still in the back of my mind and because of the rough hectic month of moving, its a slow process. But, day by day, I'm still thinking of new little scenes in my head that would look pretty kickin' on the big screen. So, slow and steady I'll win this race.

if you haven't seen it already, you've only got a few more weeks to purchase my Ultimate DVD for $125. (reg $250) Not only are you helping me out this month, but you are getting a hella deal. I'm a tard for not charging more, but since my main audience seems to be "broke students" looking for free inspirations, I guess i'll just have to get used to it. As long as I'm inspiring those peeps to do something creative with their life I think I've done my job.

On the celebrity note, I got to see Dane Cook and Paul Rodridquez at the Laugh factory in Hollywood. Dane's funny as shit so if you get a chance to see him, i'd highly recommend it. http://www.thelaughfactory.blogspot.com/

I hope everyone is having a fantastic and wonderful summer and I hope you are kickin' it like a possom.


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Podcast Interview... My Music... My Mind. | DVXUser.com Films
Sunday, July 9, 2006, 03:48 AM
This past June, I flew back home to Kentucky to visit my family and friends and I got a chance to sit down with Dave Cottingham of Twenty One Productions and we spoke about upcoming projects and My life as a 'composer' amongst other things. I worked with Twenty One Productions as their sound guy (boom), composer, filmmaker, and just about everything else. Basically my methods, how I got started and variety of upcoming projects and stuff. We also talk about the prequel to our Star Wars Fan Film spoof, "Rise of the Troopers"

So, if you are up for a good laugh and would like to hear a one on one audio commentary of my 'personality', you won't find a better place. We talk about Movies, Mac Vs. PCs, My Top 3 Composers, and other stupid rants and ravs. ummm ya. :)

"In the house with DURBS" - Episode 15

You can listen to it at iTunes, Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle

or download it directly here:

18.58 MB

Added New Videos to the Videos Section.
"Supermates", "Tough Luck", "RFEyeD",
"The Stars Above", "Darkness", "Love, Alicia"

Added New Music to the Music Players:
"Superman" (remix), "The Vineyard", "Subconcious", "Subconcious Drums", "Gallone", "Passage"

and some K&K Trailer Shots with the Green Screen:


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Thursday, June 1, 2006, 07:29 PM
Keep at it peeps and I've got a lot more 'stuff' in the works. Makes me the true to the saying, "Ye with no social life".

Also, "GPS The Movie" Just launched the "GPS Game". Go check it out!
http://www.gpsthemovie.com/ (click on "The Game")
(and yes... you made it this far... the clue is here in my blog... somewhere...)


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VFX Shots from K&K Trailer
Thursday, May 11, 2006, 01:07 PM
here's a few shots I've composited so far for the :

View Full Size:

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Loosing my mind... | Started K&K Trailer!!!!
Thursday, May 11, 2006, 03:44 AM
Ok, I'm such a 'tard and there's sooo many things on my mind. Tonight I was sitting at my computer (like I always do because I have no friggin' life) and I had to use the bathroom. I get up and walk 10 feet to my bathroom and I just stand there. I have all my CD stuff and various other paperwork and financial stuff stored for my business on a shelf as well, I dig it through it for a bit shuffling things around...

I stand up and move back in the middle of the bathroom just looking around.

"Frak me.. I forgot what I was looking for."

I walk back to my computer and sit down and continue working/playing.
An hour and a half later..
Shit. Oh ya, I had to use the bathroom.

On a positive note,
I started my Kings and Kingdoms trailer this past weekend!! High five to me!

I had been bugging my roomate to bring home the DVX video camera for the past week and its been a drudging ordeal, so finally he did so on saturday. I spent a good time just looking at the thing but never hit the record button. Sunday rolls around. After wasting a day... and then a half day just thinking what to do, i went out and got a few shots. After that, I went into my room and created the avatar you now see on www.Myspace.com/edgen and the avatar on the right here at my blog >>> . After I piddled around with that for way too long, I Then had my roomates act in a few of the shots just to test it out. Then next thing I know its 3:00 a.m. and the camera has to be returned by monday morning. (it was sunday night)

so, I took some of the footage and put it together. did some after fx shots and added a shit ton of sound fx. After seeing what all I had completed with Adobe Premeire, After FX, 3dsmax, and live action and shitton of masking and rotoscoping, i wanted to add even more and turn it into an all out trailer instead of just a short teaser. And, after seeing how 'easy' it was to do some of the FX, i'm planning on doing some more the next time he brings home the camera (which will be this weekend). I managed to write down about 30+ wish list shots from various scenes in my movie so now i just got to impliment them.

Right now, it stops about 3/4 the way through so I've still got to do a lot more fast cuts, dialog, and acting. I also included my 'Vengeance' cue so when i published this hog, it'll be it's world premiere to my very first live orchestral score. Another High Five.

Hopefully once its all said and done, I'll be happy enough to take it to some major investors who know other major investors who know dudes or dudettes at studios. I think the females will the dig it just as much as the males. After all.. I'm letting you know now... Kings and Kingdoms is a love story about a man who comes home from a grueling 'local battle' to find his Wife and his 5 year old Son missing. He is then being banished from his homeland by the queen for treason. (oooh oh. the story's out now! icky icky boing! it just so happens to have some very intense moments to make even the manly of men poop their pants. And, of course kids will like it too. (if mommy and daddy will let them)

Also, I'm on page 50 of typing out my script and already I'm 1/4 the way through the hand written script. Looks like I just wrote two movies instead of just one. (silly me and my rolls) So, I may have to either nix a shit ton of stuff or turn what I have into the 2nd episode.

Life needs to be Epic. So get you some Epic.


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LOST... | Redemption | "Vengeance"
Thursday, May 4, 2006, 03:00 AM
Ya know... I think of all the movies or shows I've ever watched in my life, have I ever just sat there and been mesmorized. I litterally had my jaw open for the last 5 minutes of the show.

Maybe i was just caught up in the moment, but damn!!! The frakin' show just threw me for a Loop d'loop!

Shew... I thought I had to let that out.

While I'm here... I just got word from a few filmmakers about a western!!! They used my music in their trailer and you can view it at www.myspace.com/edgen its called, "Redemption". Its an indy movie but it looks absolutely stunning! Check it out for yourself. I got a copy of the script and perhaps I'll be working on more than just the trailer. Keep checkin' in for more word on that front. Directed by Robert Conway and edited by John Paul Giago.

Its also ironic.. I'm scoring a MAX Payne Fan film called, 'Max Payne and Redemption'... isn't that just groovy? Ya. I thought so. High fives all around.

GOt word back on my "Vengeance" cue. Ends up I need to do a LOT of work before they approve it. So, looks as though I'm putting a live choir track down as well!! It'll definitely take it over the top. yeee haw!


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Lots of Videos Uploaded at YouTube.com
Wednesday, May 3, 2006, 04:11 AM
yup!! get you some..

"Edgen @ YouTube"

Trailers, Short films, projects all containing my music or filmmaking. enjoy! or.. not, cause frakin' youtube.com compresses the crap out of them and they all sound like crap. On second thought.. I'll probably take some of them down after a while until I get a solid rockin' host that where bandwidth is not an issue :)



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