• TITLEStar Trek: Of Gods and Men
  • YEAR2008
  • GENREAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi
  • DIRECTORTim Russ
  • STARRINGGary Graham, Walter Koenig, Chase Masterson, Lawrence Montaigne, Nichelle Nichols, Ethan Phillips, Alan Ruck, Tim Russ, Herbert Jefferson Jr., Herbert Jefferson Jr., Garrett Wang, Cirroc Lofton
  • MUSIC BYJustin R. Durban


  1. 01 01. Main Titles - Act1 Justin R. Durban
  2. 02 06. Capturing the Fox - Act Justin R. Durban
  3. 03 10. Vulcan's Last Gleaming - Act1 Justin R. Durban
  4. 04 02. Mind Meld - Act2 Justin R. Durban
  5. 05 11. Intercept Course - Act2 Justin R. Durban
  6. 06 06. The Battle Concludes - Act3 Justin R. Durban
  7. 07 09. End Credits* - Act3 (contains ST theme) Justin R. Durban
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Project Details

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (OGaM or STOGAM) is a three-part unofficial Star Trek fan which contains many cast members from the Star Trek TV series and movies. It is described by its producers as a “40th Anniversary gift” from Star Trek actors to their fans. It was filmed in 2006, but its release was delayed until 2007-08. It is not officially endorsed by the rightsholders of Star Trek, but has been covered on the official Star Trek website.

It is the year 2306. Thirteen years have passed since Captain James T. Kirk was swept away by the Nexus, after saving the crew of the Enterprise-B. The remaining crew members of the original USS Enterprise have gone their separate ways. Captain Nyota Uhura and Captain Pavel Chekov, along with Captain John Harriman of the Enterprise-B, come together for a special dedication in honor of Kirk’s Enterprise. Their reunion is cut short when they receive a distress call from a mysterious planet, that presses the three friends to embark on a mission that will change their lives forever.

01. Main Titles – Act1
02. Data Clerk’s Demise – Act1
03. Uhuras Log – Act1
04. Home Again – Act1
05. Charlie’s Revenge – Act1
06. Capturing The Fox – Act1
07. The Needs Of The Many – Act1
08. The Calm Before The Storm – Act1
09. Approaching The Planet – Act1
10. Vulcan’s Last Gleaming – Act1
11. End Credits – Act1

12. Intro – Act2
13. Mind Meld – Act2
14. I Just Know – Act2
15. The Escape – Act2
16. Countdown – Act2
17. Vulcan Tricks – Act2
18. Goodbye Old Friend – Act2
19. Hear Me – Act2
20. What’s He Up To – Act2
21. Reunited – Act2
22. Intercept Course – OGAM Act2
23. How Powerful He Is – OGAM Act2
24. Showdown – OGAM Act2
25. Not On Board – OGAM Act2
26. Charlies Confession – OGAM Act2
27. Prepare for Execution – OGAM Act2
28. End Credits – OGAM Act2

29. Delay The Execution – OGAM Act3
30. Was I Wrong – OGAM Act3
31. The Battle Begins – OGAM Act3
32. Curate’s Fleet – OGAM Act3
33. The Battle Continues – OGAM Act3
34. The Battle Concludes – OGAM Act3
35. Uhura’s Final Entry – OGAM Act3
36. The Wedding – OGAM Act3
37. End Credits* – OGAM Act3

****This album contains original music themes composed by Jerry Goldsmith & Alexander Courage which can be downloaded free of charge. Copyright Paramount Pictures

  • The film is broken up into 3 acts.
  • A few cues contain themes from the original Star Trek shows.


****This album contains original music themes composed by Jerry Goldsmith & Alexander Courage which can be downloaded free of charge. Copyright Paramount Pictures


Directed by
Tim Russ

Writing credits
Ethan H. Calk
Sky Douglas Conway

Gene Roddenberry

Jack Treviño
Produced by

Ethan H. Calk
associate producer

Pete Christian
associate producer

Sky Douglas Conway

Jack Treviño
associate producer

Linda Zaruches
associate producer

Original Music by
Justin R. Durban

Of Gods and Men – Act 1

Of Gods and Men – Act 2

Of Gods and Men – Act 3