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Smugglers Ransom (2007)
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[wpcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Smuggler’s Ransom movie was released Jun 10, 2008 by the E1 Entertainment Distribution studio. It is 1985 and a Cold War is raging between East and West. Smuggler’s Ransom movie A young woman named, while attempting to smuggle Bibles into Romania, is captured by communist forces. Smuggler’s Ransom video The Soviets are determined to force her physicist father to turn himself over in exchange for her life. The United States government, determined not to let this happen, decides to send in a lone agent to rescue her, to make sure that America does not have to pay the smuggler’s ransom.

Communists capture a young woman and hold her ransom in this cold war thriller from director Daniel Noa Smuggler’s Ransom film. The woman is the daughter of a Soviet scientist who has defected to the West. Her kidnapping necessitates some desperate measures from the United States, who send one of their best agents on a dangerous mission to retrieve her. This is the only Daniel Noa video.


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