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TITLEKeepers of the MagicYEAR2008GENREVideo GameDIRECTOR--STARRING--MUSIC BYJustin R. Durban 01 String Theme SS:2845 String Theme SS:2845 Justin R. Durban 02 Opening Title Opening Title Justin R. Durban 03 Siege Siege Justin R. Durban 04 Imperial Infantry Imperial Infantry Justin R. Durban 05 Main Theme Main Theme Justin R. DurbanPlay AllProject Details (from wikipedia) Starsiege 2845 was an abandoned fan project created to address the lack of a proper sequel to the original Starsiege series game. With the advent of Tribes Vengeance, several members of the original mech-based Starsiege game community succeeded in gaining rights to create an official total-conversion mod. This TC mod would tell the story of what happened within the starsiege universe after the end of Starsiege, ending in the culmination of "the chase," in which the cybrids use recently built FTL crafts to escape the solar system to deep space. This would be the segue into the Tribes universe. The…

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