• TITLEThe Fiction
  • YEAR2010
  • GENREDrama, Thriller
  • DIRECTORDaniel DiLeo
  • STARRINGAshlyn Dixon, John Fabiani, Eric Hammer, Allie Kubick, Andrus Nichols, Jeff Savage
  • MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN BYJustin R. Durban
  1. 01 01. Opening The Fiction (2010) - Justin R. Durban
  2. 02 05. The Attic Chest The Fiction (2010) - Justin R. Durban
  3. 03 07. Waking Up The Fiction (2010) - Justin R. Durban
  4. 04 11. The Way It Used To Be The Fiction (2010) - Justin R. Durban
  5. 05 14. Somewhere Out There The Fiction (2010) - Justin R. Durban
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Project Details

In the midst of creating his newest masterpiece, Werther Oaks, an established author, develops writer’s block. His current novel is at a dead end. Driving himself into a thick depression, Werther begins having hallucinations. Is he losing his mind, or is his mind simply telling the story?

Clear Horizon Pictures, LLC.
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Track Listing

01. Opening
02. Gone
03. The Professor Visits
04. An Idea
05. The Attic Chest
06. Searching The Forest
07. Waking Up
08. Wanting To Believe
09. Flashlights In The Forest
10. My Name Is Werther Oaks
11. The Way It Used To Be
12. Are You Ready
13. Thank You For Helping Me
14. Somewhere Out There


  • Scored this film just after we moved. My temporary office happened to be in my bedroom and I often gazed out to my lush green backyard for inspiration.
  • I also did the Sound Design for the entire film. I recorded many of the sound fx from things around my house.