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The Pacific War Suite - Fallen Soldier The Heartfelt Quiet Star Crashers Semum - One Must Believe (OST) Battlestations The Appointment The Pacific War Suite - Doolittle Raid City Of Gold Bloodline OST - The Bloodline Ends Blue Fields (Live Cello) Hexenwahn - 01. The Accused Hexenwahn - 02. Rescue and Duel A Comic Book Adventure Call To Duty No Honor No Glory The Armada Vengeance Compromise OST Compromise OST (Live cello only) Three To Six Months - 01. Little Brandon Chandler Three To Six Months - 13. 21 Extra Years - Fading Away Three To Six Months - 12. Final Diagnosis - Stage Four Three To Six Months - 15. Dream Bloodline OST - 01 Opening Bloodline OST - 12 Brett and Katie The Pacific War Suite - Casualties Of War The Pacific War Suite - Attack and Defend The Pacific War Suite - Fire In The Clouds