Demo Reel (YouTube Playlist)


“ZEISS Supreme Prime Lenses – Passing”

Directed by: Aisha Schliessler
Edited by: Austin Andrews
Music by: Justin R. Durban


Directed by: Tim Hyten
Music by: Justin R. Durban

“Keepers of the Magic” – Cinematography Documentary

Music by: Justin R. Durban
Featuring Vittorio Storaro (Apocalypse Now, The Last Emperor), Bruno Delbonnel (Amelie), Cesar Charlone (City of God), Philippe Rouselot (The Bear, Big Fish), 2018 Oscar Winner: Roger Deakins (Bladerunner 2049, No Country For Old Men), John Seale (Mad Max: Fury Road, Witness) and Gordon Willis (the Godfather trilogy, All The President’s Men)

“Terminator Six”

Music by: Justin R. Durban
Fan Re-Mix/Cover


Directed by: NJ Film School
Music by: Justin R. Durban

“Fight HARDER”

Directed by: Andrew Brinkhaus
Music by: Justin R. Durban

Jakku: First Wave

Directed by: Ben Eck
Music by: Justin R. Durban

“This Alfa Romeo Spider Is A Well-Oiled Multitool”

Directed by: Miguel De Olaso Macgregor
Music by: Justin R. Durban


“Star Trek: Of Gods and Men”

Directed by: Tim Russ
Starring: Walter Koenig, Alan Ruck, Nichelle Nichols
Music by: Justin R. Durban
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“Star Trek: Renegades”

Directed by: Tim Russ
Starring: Walter Koenig
Music by: Justin R. Durban
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“Star Wars: Threads Of Destiny”

Directed by: Rasmus Tirzitis
Music by: Justin R. Durban
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“Killer Bean Forever”

Written, Voiced, Animated, Directed by: Jeff Lew
Music by: Jeff Lew & Justin R. Durban



“City of Gold” starts at, “1:22″ and spans to the end of the trailer. The film stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman and was directed by Baz Luhrmann. The cue was licensed through X-Ray Dog Music

“Alice In Wonderland”

Hear my music from 1:13 – 1:22

“Harry Potter 5 – Order of the Phoenix”

– My Kings and Kingdoms track, “Divine Crusade“, available through X-Ray Dog Music, graces the Theatrical Trailer#2 for Harry Potter – The Order of the Phoenix.
(my cue starts roughly around ~1:23 – ~1:40)

“Battle For Terra”

Hear my music from 1:43 through the end

Disney’s Brave

(currently offline)
05 – :18 (and at the end)

“Chronicles of Narnia – Voyage of the Dawn Treader”

Hear my music from 0:52 – 1:16

[NOTE: Live Orchestral musics are available upon request]
(please visit for licensing motion picture campaigns)


Jakku: First Wave

“The Rook Moves”

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“Into The Breach”

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“Easy Day”

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“The Bridge – Prologue”

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“His Final Hit”

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“By Your Command”

“By Hook Or Crook”

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“The Beach – Canon Beyond the Still #3”

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“Duel Of The Dorks”

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“Memories Fade Away”

A beautiful song by Light Without Shadow. I wrote the orchestral section of this music.

“SunnyD – Pirates”

(National TV Spot)

Odyssey: The Midnight Sun

by Evosia Studios
More films by Evosia with my music: YouTube Playlist

“The Undertaker”

(trailer music)

“Fantasy Edit”

(Fan edit of The Never Ending Story & The Dark Crystal)

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