WINNER! Official Chapter 3 for Canon’s The Story Beyond the Still contest.
Contest home page: vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill
Chapter 1: vimeo.com/8595246 Chapter 2: vimeo.com/9394817

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Written & Directed by M. Keegan Uhl, mkeeganuhl.com

Story by M. Keegan Uhl & Ian Albinson, artofthetitle.com
Produced by M. Keegan Uhl & Kendall Hawley, superfreako.com

Cab Driver – Travis Stanberry
Security Guard – Joe Benton
Beachcomber – Mark Teich, markteich.com
Thugs – Allen Markuze & Jonathan Kunke
Boots & Hands – M. Keegan Uhl
Boots by Limmer Boot, Intervale, NH – limmerboot.com

Cinematographer – Andrew Brinkhaus, picturestimesinfinity.blogspot.com
Gaffer – Matt Irwin, matt.irwincine.com
Edit, Color, Foley & Sound Design by M. Keegan Uhl
Original Music by Justin R. Durban, justindurban.com
Stunt Driver – Mike Howarth

Extra Special Thanks:
My perfect and tolerant wife
Matt Irwin
Justin R. Durban
Alan and Rachel Toll
Keith Toll

Shot on Canon 7D and Nikon lenses (35/1.4, 50/1.8, 85/1.8, 17-35/2.8)

We didn’t have the manpower to do a making-of-the-movie-movie, but check out my other videos for director’s commentary:vimeo.com/10567232 and technical notes: vimeo.com/10732814
And an in-depth production write-up over at DigitalCinemaFoundry.com: digitalcinemafoundry.com/2010/04/16/the-beach-the-story-beyond-the-still-chapter-3/