Teddy Tumble - D7 Games

Teddy Tumble – D7 Games

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Wew Hew! Hello Everyone.. D7 games just released their new game, “Teddy Tumble” for the iPad and iPhone in which I wrote the music and Sound Design. If you’ve got one and are looking for an addicting game, go download it for free. I believe you can get the full game by posting a link on your facebook? (or just pay the damn .99cents) 🙂 This project is probably my ‘lightest music’ as most of your know my music is not like this. So if you want to hear my fluffy side, check it out.

Teddy Tumble was created by my friends here in Austin, TX D7 Games

Here are some links –
Website for the Game – http://teddytumble.com/
iPhone / iPad – Link to Game in iTunes – Teddy Tumble on iTunes
Android – Teddy Tumble on Android