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Justin R. Durban @ Skywalker Sound

Justin R. Durban @ Skywalker Sound

Justin’s strong desire to work on anything involving films led him to pick up a keyboard, find some music software, and begin to write and score his own music for his own movie projects. He gained recognition by giving away his music to anyone that found a place for it within their films. This was accomplished through the online entity called, “Edgen” (pronounced: edge – in). This working partnership and “Pay it Forward” thinking with filmmakers lead to a growing body of work that has spanned and grown tremendously over the years.

Justin continues to write music for the boutique trailer music company, X-Ray Dog Music, located in Burbank. By writing orchestral music through X-Ray Dog, his music has been in recent campaigns such as; "Muppets: Most Wanted", Disney's "BRAVE", "How to Train Your Dragon", Relativity Media’s “Immortals”, James Cameron’s “AVATAR”, FOX’s “Chronicles of Narnia 3 – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”, “Battle for Terra”, 20th Century Fox, “Australia”, Touchstone Pictures, “Miracle at Saint Anna”, Warner Brothers, “Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix”, and Universal’s “HULK”, and “Mummy3″ theatrical and TV trailers. He has also written for national commercials such as "SunnyD", "Mercedes", "Phillips", and has composed film scores for the "SyFy Channel", "Lifetime Channel", and Numerous video game titles. He has 20+ feature film scores under his belt along with hundreds of short films from directors and producers around the world.

Along with his talent for writing emotional music for film, he has a strong passion for the visual arts including Directing, Visual FX, Compositing, Editing, Web, Digital Art, & Graphic Design. His music can best be described as “Upliftingly Dark” Cinematic Film Music with Epic Intimacy. He plays by ear but the music ultimately resonates through his heart.

Justin R. Durban's Professional Music Clients

Justin's Professional Clients


Film Music Reel ♪ ♫

  1. (Demo) -- JRD - 1 Minute Demo -- 1:12
  2. (Demo) -- JRD - 9 Minute Demo -- 9:00
  3. (Drama) -- Pacific War Suite - Fallen Soldier
  4. (Drama) -- Blue Fields (Live Cello)
  5. (Drama) -- Compromise OST
  6. (Drama) -- World On A String
  7. (Drama) -- Hexenwahn - The Accused
  8. (Drama) -- The Heartfelt Quiet
  9. (Action/Adventure) -- Tron MMA
  10. (Action/Adventure) -- Mission Impossible'ish Cue
  11. (Action/Adventure) -- Pacific War Suite - Attack and Defend
  12. (Action/Adventure) -- Star Trek - Of Gods and Men
  13. (Action/Adventure) -- Kings and Kingdoms - Dragons
  14. (Epic) -- The Bloodline Ends
  15. (Epic) -- Semum - One Must Believe
  16. (Epic) -- Celtic Lore
  17. (Horror) -- The Blackout - Going Down One By One
  18. (Horror) -- The Janitor - Stalking
  19. (Horror) -- Devil's Bluff - The Mine
  20. (Commercial) -- Doublestar :60
  21. (Commercial) -- WOS Remix
  22. (Commercial) -- Lunar Pages
  23. (Family/Light) -- Teddy Tumble
  24. (Family/Light) -- Wingless
  25. (Electronic) -- DELL XPS
  26. (Electronic) -- Spy Commercial
  27. (Ambient) -- Bloodline OST - 13 Good Times
  28. (Ambient) -- Placid Cognition
  29. (Ambient) -- This Is How
  30. (Jazz/Other) -- A Stitch In Time - Opening Titles

All Music Composed & © by Justin R. Durban
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Featured Project:


Theatrical Trailer:

“City of Gold” starts at, “1:27″ and spans to the end of the trailer. The film stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman and was directed by Baz Luhrmann. The cue was licensed through X-Ray Dog Music

Director Reel:

Film's by: Justin R. Durban

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