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β€œA mother is informed that her son is diagnosed with a terminally ill and hereditary medical condition. She is faced with a hard decision that only a mother could do.” Directed, Written, & Produced by: Justin R. Durban Starring Katusha Robert, Myndin Durban Cinematography by: Mark Johnson II Music by: Justin R. Durban Made for the Austin 48hr Film Project Winner: πŸ† BEST FILM πŸ† BEST DIRECTING πŸ† BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY πŸ† BEST ACTRESS πŸ† BEST USE OF ORIGINAL MUSIC πŸ† BEST SET DESIGN πŸ† BEST SOUND DESIGN Also nominated for: Best Editing, Best Special Effects, Best Titling, Best Musical Score, Best Visual Effects, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Use of Genre, Best Use of Dialog, & Best Use of Prop. Character: Justin or Jennifer MacArthur, Baker Prop: an eraser Line: β€œThat’s what my Dad always said. OR That is what my Dad always said.” Written, Directed, and Produced by: Justin R.…

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Good Times