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"A young girl and her family experience a peculiar holiday and she must overcome her differences by seeing things from a unique perspective." This film was made for the 48 Hour Global Film Challenge. June 5th - 7th, 2020 Genre: Holiday or Vacation Film Team Name: Edgen Films / DURBAN Team Lead: Justin R. Durban City: Austin, TX USA Prop: A Belt Character: Tom or Tanya Baddington, retired athlete Dialog: Take what you want, but leave me something. **WINNER: Austin, TX GFC - Best Actress June 2020 - Julia Schoonover Cast: Big Sister - Julia Schoonover Little Brother - Lyrik F. Durban Dad - Justin R. Durban The Niece - Haley Evans Pappaw Tom Baddington - Jerry Walton Crew: Shot, Music, Edit, Written & Directed: Justin R. Durban Story by: Justin R. Durban & Julia Schoonover DIT / Asst Camera - Myndin Durban Set / Art - Julia Schoonover &…

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Good Times