“Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind
And is therefore winged cupid painted blind”



“ALGEBRA: A reunion of broken parts”
A visual artist who falls in love with a muse, loses sight in both eyes.
Winner: Best Technical Quality, Digi60 Filmmaker’s Festival 2012

algebra (n.) — “1550s, from M.L. algebra, from Arabic al-jebr “reunion of broken parts” — Online Etymology Dictionary

“Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind
And is therefore winged cupid painted blind”

Vincent is a contemporary visual artist in the prime of his career. Everyone loves his work. Raw and emotional it says we can’t or won’t. It reveals ugly truths.

He falls in love with Brigitte, a new model. He invites her into his studio. He can’t stop painting her. They end up making love one night against the backdrop of canvas and paint. He asks her “How do you define love?” In whispers she replies “It’s the thing I feel in the pores of my skin.” She’s alluring, nurturing and falls in love with him.

Late one night when Brigitte is sleeping a debilitating headache sends Vincent to the hospital emergency. A build-up of fluid pressure both in his eyes damaged his optic nerves. There were warning signs though. Seeing haloes around lights and momentary decreases in vision. His obsession had pushed everything else to the periphery.

His eyes can’t be saved. He becomes a painter without vision. In the downward spiral of his anger he shuns Brigitte and destroys all of his paintings. He cuts himself off from everything. Except staring into a broken mirror for hours. His psyche spits has he tries to wield his vision back from the dead but it’s no use. He can’t stop. Brigitte tries to reach into him and pull him through the wasteland. He rejects her again.

Desperate to reunite with his vision, he falls in love with the imaginary reflection of his face instead of dealing with the inevitability of his new life. So it goes…

“And therefore is love said to be a child
Because in choice he is so oft beguiled.”

Treepot Media Presents
A Jith Paul Film
Sasha Chichagov
Martine Roquebrune
“ALGEBRA: A reunion of broken parts”
Story by Jennifer Mulligan
Director of Photography Karim Ayari
Produced by Richard Towns
Directed by Jith Paul
Edited by Jith Paul
Colourist Karim Ayari
Sound design & mix by Howard Sonnenburg
Music by Justin R. Durban