@ Six Flags – Green Lantern amusement ride.

Edit: 06.20.12
I got the Chance to ride the ride! 1) it hurt. 2) it was short. 3) tall people need not apply.


I was given the wonderful opportunity to write original Orchestral music for “Green Lantern: First Flight” @ the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Los Angeles, CA. You’ll be able to hear my music while waiting in line in one of two rooms for this totally badass ride!  The ride itself opens later this year and you can watch some 3d rendering concept animation from the trailer below: (not my music)

You can watch the official WB trailer here for the upcoming movie starring Ryan Reynolds

Learn more about the ride here:

Kinda cool to think that Millions and Millions of people could potentially hear my music over the course of the ride’s lifetime… 🙂


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