Music Playlist

Track Listing

01. Team Vote
02. Tall Tale Minors – In Our System
03. That’s What Teammates Do
04. Direct Pipeline
05. Letting People Go – Need a Refill
06. Side Effects
07. Back on the Floor
08. Just Come Back
09. Withdraw
10. Falling in the Courtyard
11. Where Did You Go – I’m Here
12. What Meds – Old Flames
13. She’s Coming Over
14. Anything Other Than Yes
15. Accusations
16. A Rush For Help
17. Road to Recovery
18. Forgive Me
19. All Alone
20. Early Cinema
– Total Running Time: 40 Minutes
320 kbs .MP3

About the Film

Inspired by a true story. A star high-school dancer starts using prescription painkillers after a knee injury sidelines her. Feeling isolated, she is adopted by a popular group, which leads to sharing her pills, having regular “pharm” parties and falling in love for the first time. But when her prescription runs out, they resort to buying pills, only to have their lives forever changed when they discover their classmate dealer has been selling them heroin under the guise of being a cheap Mexican painkiller.


[details_list][detail label=”TITLE” value=”Perfect High”][detail label=”YEAR” value=”2015″][detail label=”GENRE” value=”Drama”][detail label=”DIRECTOR” value=”Vanessa Parise”][detail label=”STARRING” value=”Bella Thorne, Israel Broussard, Daniela Bobadilla”][detail label=”MUSIC BY” value=”Justin R. Durban”][detail label=”WEBSITE” value=”” text_link=”0″ url=”” target=”0″][/details_list]

Scoring Trivia

  • This was my 2nd Lifetime movie channel OST!
  • This score is pretty different than my usual sound palette pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I’m still not sure I like this zone.
  • There’s more electronica elements in this than any other of my soundtracks.
  • Track: #10 “Falling in the Courtyard” had the most re-writes. The producers really wanted to get this scene right to match that feeling of first falling in love.
  • This is the first album I’ve done where the titles of the tracks do not match the sequence of events within the film.