1. 01 01. Crashing Down A Wife's Nightmare (2015) - Justin R. Durban
  2. 02 (Bonus) 18. School A Wife's Nightmare (2015) - Justin R. Durban

Project Details

Liz, just returned home after a mental breakdown, has to welcome a relative stranger into her home when Caitlin, a young, vivacious woman, claims to be her husband’s daughter.

Track Listing

01. Arrival
02. AJ Meets Caitlin
03. Let Her Stay
04. And Now She’s Gone
05. A Toast – Spill
06. Ice Cream
07. The Good Memories
08. A Glass Of Water
09. Her Phone Number
10. I’m Sorry – The Kiss
11. Back to Normal – Practice Run
12. Birthday Party
13. Crashing Down
14. I Was Wrong
15. Finding The Truth
16. The Truth Revealed
17. Time To Leave – Starting Over

Total Running Time: 1 hour 14 Minutes
256 kbs .MP3


  • This is the 4th film in the series.
  • It was shot in Canada. Many of the actors had American ADR.
  •  I was under a huge time crunch and scored the film (70 minutes) in less than 7 days. (on top of a full time day job)
  • One evening, I ended up spewing out a good 20 minute chunk of the film!
  • There’s 4 Bonus tracks on the Album only available download from the store.
  • The track, “AWN – 13. Crashing Down” was literally chaos of string instruments and notes that I experimented with. It’s my favorite cue of the OST.