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'By Hook Or Crook' by: Troy Ruff

July 3, 2010
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A harden sheriff is chasing down a bandit when he finds out the bandit is his son. He now has to make a choice on what to do with his son.

Music By: Justin R. Durban

**Winner – 2nd Place @
*Top 6 Finalist @

By Hook or Crook - Poster - Troy Ruff

Short Films

'Dispatch' by: Tim Hyten

November 26, 2009
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*NOTE: Contains Graphic Scenes*

Produced by: Mark Johnson, Luis Sinibaldi, Tim Hyten (Fat Monster Films)
Directed/Edited: Tim Hyten
Boom Op: Blaine Golden
Shot by: Matthew Garrett
Grip/Gaffer/Superpimp: Geoff Reisner
Makeup: Marina Mestaz

Score composed by: Justin R. Durban
Sound Design: Brad Semenoff

*Winner – 1st place @

Cast: Rochelle Valles – Tim Abell – David Lloyd Wilson

Shot on GH1 with Anamorphic Lenses

JRD: Film Director

Bits and Pieces (2009)

October 31, 2009


(MonsterFest 09)

“Bits and Pieces”

Created for the MonsterFest 09.

2nd Place Jury Panel @
3rd Place User Vote @
Honorable Mention @ Reel Women SXSW Showcase
2nd Audience Favorite @ Reel Women SXSW Showcase
Entry @ Texas Bloodbath Film Festival

An orphanage girl is kidnapped by a mummy. They soon become friends and parting is such sweet sorrow.

Aileen Davila as “LeeAnn”
David Collier as “The Mummy”
Nicholle Walton as “Florence”

Millabella Vasquez as Orphanage Girl
Mikayla Valle as Orphanage Girl
Maitea Valle as Orphanage Girl

Directed by: Justin R. Durban –
Written by: Leah Weinberger
Director of Photography: John Hafner
Make Up: Jessica Isam
Production Designer: James McMahan
Main Title Design: Jonathan Grubbs
Set Photographer: Dale Kennemer
UPM: Sush Parmar
Set Owner: David L. Smith
PA: Elliot Cole
PA: Rochon Nicholas
PA: Reuel Meditz
Boom: H.Cherdon Bedford
Edited, VFX & SFX by: by: Justin R. Durban
Music Score by: Justin R. Durban
Sound Stage: David L. Smith – Elgin Texas
Produced by: Leah Weinberger, John Hafner, & Justin R. Durban –

Edgen Films in Association with Ocher Media

JRD: Film Director Short Films

Mahlen (2009)

June 30, 2009

Our technology should be shared with the world, Elizabeth. Not One.

Short Synopsis:
Time is Running out for Robert Cristo’s wife, Elizabeth. Together, they
have been secluded from society while Robert has desperately continued
his nanotechnology research fused with advanced robotics that will aid
in her cure.


(QuestFest 09)
*Top 8 Finalist @ (6th place)

Short Film

Time is Running out for Robert Cristo’s wife, Elizabeth. Together, they have been secluded from society while Robert has desperately continued his nanotechnology research fused with advanced robotics that will aid in her cure.

Our technology should be shared with the world, Elizabeth. Not One.

Elizabeth Cristo: Nicholle Walton
Robert Cristo: John Hafner
Dr. William Mahlen: Bob Maccarni
Soldier1: Dave Rutledge
Soldier2:  Matthew Ramsaur

Directed by: Justin R. Durban
Written, Edited, VFX, SFX, Score, Produced by: Justin R. Durban
Co-Producer / Super Grip: Jon Sheets
Sound / Additional SFX: Debbie Balbo
Gaffer: Jeffery Buras
Super Grip – Soldier 1: Dave Rutledge
Super Grip – Soldier 2: Matthew Ramsaur
Script Supervisor: Shiphrah Meditz
Stills Photographer: Dale Kennemer
Color Correction: Laurent Dupepe
Additional Rotoscoping: Nathaniel Caawe
3d Modeler: Chris Hercher
3d Animator: Henning Krol
Wardrobe: Rebecca Thorpe Forum With BTS, Storyboards, Feedback etc.

Music Download:     

Running Time: 6:48
Format: 1280 x 550 HD
Shot with the Canon HV20 + Twoneil Deluxe 35mm Adapter
Filmed with 35/50/85 mm Nikon lenses
Date Filmed: June 14th-15th, 2009
Date Completed: June 30th, 2009
Filmed in Lakeway, TX (Austin, TX)

Winner: Top 8 Finalist @ “QuestFest” 09 – 6th place.


(maul – lin)

A Prequel to the short film, “Cristo

Photos by: Dale Kennemer –

Some Storyboards from the Start

Some Storyboards from the Mid Section:

Some Storyboards from the End:




And some random stuff…


JRD: Film Director Short Films

The Box (2008)

November 13, 2008


Brad wakes to find his little brother Jeff, missing.

(TwilightFest 08)

Starring: Mat Raney & Tristin Koppie
Written by: Mat Raney
The other stuff by: Justin R. Durban

See the DVX Thread with BTS and more stills

Some before/after FX shots:…7&postcount=80

BTS Explanation of Some shots and more about the film…4&postcount=82

About the FILM:

The shoot was just me and Mat Raney and my 5 year old nephew, and my 11 month old son.

Tristin (the 5 year old boy) was the set photographer. I gave him my
camera to go shoot pictures. Half the shots were pictures of the carpet
and his toy cars. I took a few myself, but the rest was him.

The biggest lesson i learned was Audio, audio, audio. For now on out,
I’m not doing a shoot without a proper mic, and someone to sit there and
make sure all audio levels are good to go. what a nightmare that was on
the editing room. I did the best I could. Oh well. live and learn.


Mat Raney doubling the role of baby sitting while shooting his scene.
You’ll notice his tone is: “shhhh quiet….” in the film. That’s because
he’s got my son, Myndin in his lap. Notice the milk bottle on the
little lamp table?

This was another shot of just china balls and a household outdoor flood
light. Myndin is in his playpin and babbled the entire time.

“The BOX” was shot with the canon HV20 with Twoneil’s Deluxe 35 mm adapter.

Since the adpater inverts the image, this was my stance throughout the
film. Looking at a tv monitor upside down. And… sometimes holding the
baby during mat’s lines to keep him quiet and content…

This was the TV monitor on the ground with the inverted image from the camera…

Mat Raney (aka the Writer) poses. HV20 OTS

Ha!! Yes.. this was our “Green and Purple” screen. The green was a
dragon blanket of Myndin’s hung over our outside fence. Word of advice..
don’t try and key out purple… Specially when the purple doesn’t
extend all the way to the ground.

The “Ant” shot.

Tristin was being a punk here. He kept walking in front of the camera
and was snapping pictures while filming with the flash. So, I had to
take the camera away from him. this was his, “I Don’t like you anymore”
pose. Canon HV20 with the Twoneil Deluxe 35 mm adapter in the

A few more stills and some before/afters..

The green screen was actually a 4×6 Kids Dragon Blanket from Ikea that we had laying around for the Myndin’s cousins.

And the Final Shot:

All in all, i hope you like our little film. It was definitely a last
minute idea after my first script fell through due to locations and time
constraints with all the 3d effects and green screen work. So, this was
a product of what happens when you have the itch to make a movie.