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Little Brother, the 48hr Film Project – Director’s Cut. Directed by: Justin R. Durban – Lucas is picked on at school and his little brother is here to protect him. What’s Different? – Updated VFX – Updated/Added additional Sound FX – Added a few Cutaway shots – Fixed/Corrected the End Credits – Added a smidgen of Color Grading Enjoy! Genre: Sci-Fi Prop: Belt Character: Ryan Grenada Line of Dialog: “And who the hell are you?” (View the original 48hr Film Project cut here: Cast: Ripley “Leigh” Grenada – Katusha Robert Ryan Grenada – Jake Brinn Lucas – Myndin Durban Bishop – Lyrik Durban Red – Brett St. Germain Brown – Chris Conner Granny – Betty Currie Jennifer – Jennifer Kendall Fur – Brett St. Germain Crew: DIRECTED BY: Justin R. Durban 1st AD Siegen Bretzke DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Justin R. Durban CAMERA OPS: Jennifer Kendall Hunter Gustafson Co-DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY…

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Good Times