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Little Brother, the 48hr Film Project – Director’s Cut. Directed by: Justin R. Durban – Lucas is picked on at school and his little brother is here to protect him. What’s Different? – Updated VFX – Updated/Added additional Sound FX – Added a few Cutaway shots – Fixed/Corrected the End Credits – Added a smidgen of Color Grading Enjoy! Genre: Sci-Fi Prop: Belt Character: Ryan Grenada Line of Dialog: “And who the hell are you?” (View the original 48hr Film Project cut here: Cast: Ripley “Leigh” Grenada – Katusha Robert Ryan Grenada – Jake Brinn Lucas – Myndin Durban Bishop – Lyrik Durban Red – Brett St. Germain Brown – Chris Conner Granny – Betty Currie Jennifer – Jennifer Kendall Fur – Brett St. Germain Crew: DIRECTED BY: Justin R. Durban 1st AD Siegen Bretzke DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Justin R. Durban CAMERA OPS: Jennifer Kendall Hunter Gustafson Co-DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY…

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A man finds a portal to the past which enables him to alter his future. A 48 hour film – “time travel” Cast (in credits order) Justin Henry … Vincent Lowe Chris Samarripas … Sammy Katie Lichtefeld … Ms. Vala Eithan McBride … Young Vincent Travis Senior … Captain Lowe Directed by Justin R. Durban Written by Justin R. Durban Justin Henry Chris Samarripas & Travis Senior Produced by Daniel Grosser …. executive producer Rolf Mohr …. executive producer Amy Tekell …. producer Original Music by Justin R. Durban Sound by Ryan Mozek Cinematography by Iskra Valtcheva Film Editing by Nathan Gray (co-editor) DeRae Logan Chris Samarripas (co-editor)

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