‘The Pond’ by: Dan Hannon

A heartbroken young woman (Alicia Witt) sets about scattering her husband’s ashes on the pond in an apple orchard they both loved. But the waters of the pond hold a secret, and when a stranger (David Morse) appears unexpectedly, the very fabric of reality is ripped apart and she must choose between sacrifice and oblivion.

'The Pond' by Saunders Sisters

[vimeo]https://vimeo.com/12178345[/vimeo] Living amongst the ruins of the Dust Bowl and in the absence of a mother who has fled, Claire longs for freedom from a father who blames her for the family‚Äôs misfortunes. Written/Directed/Produced by: Ashley and Leslie Saunders Cinematography and Editing by: E.J. Enriquez Music by: Justin R. Durban Read more…