Feature Films

Bloodline (2010)

June 8, 2011
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Seminary student Brett Ethos, (Matt Thompson) falls away from the church and his faith only to find out that his bloodline is sought after by a real evil. On a trip with friends and an old flame, he goes to explore a cabin left to him by the will of his family. There; he discovers his true heritage. Temptation or redemption become his ultimatum. His friend’s lives and his own hang in the balance.

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Lakeside (2006)

September 8, 2006
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Kids in the middle of the woods + Creatures = Terror

(HorrorFest 06) (co-directed)
*Top 10 Film @ DVXUSER.com

Christian David : Kevin
Jaklyn Lyons : Chelsi
Matt Thompson : Brett
Taleia Mueller : Katie
Saul Dapsis as “The Ranger”

Written & Directed by: Matt Thompson
Co-directed by: Justin R. Durban
Executive Producer – Susan Laine
DP – Yuri Sadovnikov
Animation/VFX by: – Elliot Worman
Composer / Sound Design / Edited by: – Justin R. Durban

Special Thanks:
San Bernadino National Forest
Susan Burg
Russell & Kathleen Flynn
Pat / Electrical (Juice)
Captain Craig M. Smith for the Bronco
Tim Hyten a.k.a. Slimothy
Officer Gina Thompson
Tim Stithem
Strip The Image (Music, “We Believe”) 

“Cruisin’ Down to Big Bear”
Performed by: Matt Thompson


Awards / Festivals:

– DVXUSER Horrorfest 2006 – 8th Place
– DON’T GO BACK IN THE HOUSE, BITCH! – NYC – Two Boots Theatre

Artwork / Preproduction

The Beautiful Big Bear Lake

Vehicles / Props:

Millions and Millions of Dollars