Short Films

'The Pond' by Saunders Sisters

November 20, 2010
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Living amongst the ruins of the Dust Bowl and in the absence of a mother who has fled, Claire longs for freedom from a father who blames her for the family’s misfortunes.

Written/Directed/Produced by: Ashley and Leslie Saunders
Cinematography and Editing by: E.J. Enriquez
Music by: Justin R. Durban

Nominated for the 2010 ASC Student Heritage Award, 2010 Kodak Scholarship Program by the University of Texas RTF Department and for Los Angeles Reel Film Festival Best Cinematography Award.

Camera: Panavision Panaflex GII
Lenses: Super Speed MKII’s
Film Stock: Kodak Vision 3, 5219 and Kodak Vision 3, 5207


Short Films

‘Duel Of The Dorks’ by: Nathainel Caauwe

September 11, 2010
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Directed by: Nathainel Caauwe 
**Winner 3rd Place
Lightsaber Choreography Competition VIII

Music By: Justin R. Durban




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48hr Film JRD: Film Director Short Films

Ring (2010)

June 27, 2010


A man finds a portal to the past which enables him to alter his future.

A 48 hour film – “time travel”

Cast (in credits order)
Justin Henry … Vincent Lowe
Chris Samarripas … Sammy
Katie Lichtefeld … Ms. Vala
Eithan McBride … Young Vincent
Travis Senior … Captain Lowe

Directed by
Justin R. Durban

Written by
Justin R. Durban
Justin Henry
Chris Samarripas
& Travis Senior

Produced by
Daniel Grosser …. executive producer
Rolf Mohr …. executive producer
Amy Tekell …. producer

Original Music by
Justin R. Durban

Sound by
Ryan Mozek

Cinematography by
Iskra Valtcheva

Film Editing by
Nathan Gray (co-editor)
DeRae Logan
Chris Samarripas (co-editor)

JRD: Film Director

Rack (2010)

April 15, 2010


A man attains all of his dreams, only to find out that the cost is the unrealized future of his mentally challenged beloved brother.

The Doorpost Theme: Sacrifice


Rack Places Top 20 in Doorpost Competition

Short Film


Richard C. Jones, Lizabeth Waters, Matthew Grathwol, Michael Sorrells, & Michael Hankin

Directed by: Justin R. Durban
Executive Produced by: Nicholle Walton, Leah Weinberger, & Justin R. Durban
Music by: Justin R. Durban
Edited by: Laurent Dupepe

**Top 20 in 2010 The Doorpost Competition.
*RACK is an official ‘merited’ entry to the Doorpost Film Project.

For more information on the film, please visit:
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Full Credits:

//DIRECTOR: Justin R. Durban

//WRITEN By: Leah Weinberger


Lizabeth Waters as Ella
Matthew Grathwol as John
Richard Jones as Deke
Michael Hanklin as Old Ben
Michael Sorrells as Foreman

Miner #1: G.L.Williams
Miner #2: Ray L. Perez
Vat Guy #1: Justin Elms
Vat Guy #2: Charles K. Comis
Village Extra: Betty Currie
Village Extra: Tristin Koppie
Village Extra: Myndin Durban
Village Extra: Kaden Lauderback
Village Extra: Kristin Lauderback
Village Extra: Logan Hansen
Village Extra: McKala Hansen
Village Extra: Paige Hansen
Village Extra: Rita Simonette
Village Extra: Leah Simonetta
Village Extra: Zane Farrow
Village Extra: Isac Mourana
Village Extra: Mary Stifflemore
Village Extra: Nicholas Glover
Village Extra: Jill Glover
Village Extra: Sky Van Vliet
Village Extra: Rick Richardson


Executive Producer: Justin R. Durban
Executive Producer: Nicholle Walton
Executive Producer: Leah Weinberger
Co. Producer: Robert R. Kiesling


Boom Operator: Ryan Mozek
Production Designer / Set Designer: James McMahan
First AC / 2nd Unit Camera Op: Rocky Conly
UPM / First AD: Nicholle Walton
Director of Photography: John Hafner
Best Boy Grip: Matthew Hardesty
Sound Mixer: Amy Tekell
Costume Designer: Colin Wilkes
Makeup: Erin Klarer
Script Supervisor: Cari Jean
Construction Coordinator: Bob Maccarni
Locations Manager: Brian Morgan
Art Director / Props Master: Shane Davis
Casting Director: Nicholle Walton
PA: Aaron Benmark
PA: Charles K. Comis
PA: Stephanie Harrison
PA: Rodney Barry
PA: Leng Wong
PA: Jonathan Grubbs
PA / Sound Team: Shane Hardesty
Edited By: Laurent Dupepe
Compositor / VFX: Jonathan Grubbs
Compositor / VFX: Mark Roethke
Compositor / VFX: Galen Carter-Jeffrey
Compositor / VFX: Kurt Lawson
3D Modeler: Shane Davis
Digital Matte Painter: Brandon Hale
Opening Title Design: Jonathan Grubbs
Second AC / 3rd Unit Camera Op: Joy Chiang
Key Grip: Robert Cudmore
Music Composer / Sound FX / Lead Visual FX : Justin R. Durban
Special Thanks: Ocher Media
Special Thanks: Matahari Pictures
Special Thanks: Placid Sound
Special Thanks: Three Points Ranch
Special Thanks: Lakeway, TX City Park
Special Thanks: Olden Lighting
Special Thanks: Patti Shook
Special Thanks: H-E-B
Special Thanks: Austin Film Meet
Special Thanks: Screenwriters of Austin
Special Thanks: Dan Eggleston
Special Thanks: Short Film Texas
Special Thanks: Adobe
Special Thanks: Richard and Maryann Durban
Special Thanks: Jack Daniel Stanley
Special Thanks: Mark Vittek
Special Thanks: Pamela Weaver
Special Thanks: Carlos Fernandez
Special Thanks: Tony Crossley
Special Thanks: Elliot Cole
Special Thanks: Shiphrah Meditz
Special Thanks: Mishpacha
Special Thanks: Jeremy Norton
Special Thanks: Joshua Norton
Special Thanks: Gustavo Rodriguez
: Shot on Canon 7D