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A young man relaxes in the peaceful serenity of nature before he heads out for “the biggest date of his life” with his GF. (soon to be fianace’) His two best friends join him in his last moments as a ‘free man’ as they watch on as he agrees to a challenging bet of treading water. “30 minutes – Hands Above the Water” “How long can you tread?” – Official Website – – Now Sinking – Download Mirror 1 Download Mirror 2 Download Mirror 3 DOWNLOAD Score: “Brown Waters – By: Justin” ((BW was shot with a consumer grade Samsung SC-D6550 – Compact DuoCam)) Still 01 Still 02 Still 03 Cast: Jared Durban John Stumpf Seth Moore CRITIQUES from users:: “So far this has been one the weakest entry I’ve watched.” -Noct Senior Member “…You produced in your story something very difficult to achieve. You created a credible dilemma for your protagonist, and its…

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“Some powers are gifted at birth. … Some are not. Some of those with powers are considered heros… … Some are… It’s what you do with your gift.” “The Stars Above” Evil overtakes Good. Duration: 5:12 Camera: DVX100a Credits: Written Directed Performances Camera Edited VFX SFX Music Score (All) Justin R. Durban ScoreA (first half) ScoreB (second half) Special Thanks to everyone @ VFX Shotlist:   Promotional Material:

Good Times