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OK, after weeks of getting the assets, links, art, and all other content together, I’ve finally got my new site up. Ya, ya.. it’s a wordpress/blog site, but whatever. It’s easy to manage posts, stories, content, and other junk. And, since I have a lot of ‘artsy junk’, this is a great solution. I’m sure I’ll continue to change links, add more content and a multitude of additional pages with my past and present work. Hopefully you’ll start to see a progression of my work over the years and if you like it.. support it by spreading the word, purchasing an album or 6, and/or buy me a coffee. If you find any links broken, damaged, or molested… please let me know. Have fun and I hope you’ll enjoy my work. cheers! /j

01 Terminator (Orchestra Cover) Terminator (Orchestra Cover) Original Theme by Brad Fiedel 02 Star Wars 8 Star Wars 8 Original Theme by John Williams 03 Star Trek - Labor Of Love Star Trek - Labor Of Love Original Theme by Michael Giacchino 04 Adiagio For Strings Adiagio For Strings Original Music by Samuel Barber 05 Last of the Mohicans Last of the Mohicans Original Theme by Dougie McLean 06 Star Wars - End Titles Star Wars - End Titles Original Theme by John Williams 07 Superman! Superman! Original Theme by John Williams 08 HALO - The Heretic HALO - The Heretic Original Theme by Marty O'Donnell 09 HALO - The Spartans HALO - The Spartans Original Theme by Marty O'Donnell 10 HALO - Master and Chief HALO - Master and Chief Original Theme by Marty O'Donnell 11 Star Wars - Unknown Discovery OST Star Wars - Unknown Discovery OST Original…

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I finally created a long overdue version to one of my favorite themes, “Last of the Mohicans” by Trevor Jones. It was only recently that I found out that the original track was composed by Dougie Maclean back in 1990 on the album, ‘The Search’. The name was originally called, ‘The Gael’. So.. here it is in all it’s epic glory. (on the “Last of the Mohicans – The Gael” (click on the ‘FREE’ button to download) Enjoy! and here’s the original Youtube video incase you’d like to hear Dougie’s Original performance: © Dougie Maclean © Last of the Mohicans original score by: Trevor Jones (and Randy)

Good Times