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Main Trailer:
:05 – :18 (and at the end)


It’s quick and sweet at the end. :46 > to the end.

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A doomsday virus is emitted from the internet. People in Istanbul are terrorized by the demons that are unleashed. ~ Baseline StudioSystems

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yep!! Some of my albums are now on the Android Market. Search for Justin R. Durban on the http://market.android.com to find the page. Or You can use your Android smart phone Market Icon… or if you have a dumb phone, you can click the link below on a personal desktop computing system and arrive all the same.

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OK, after weeks of getting the assets, links, art, and all other content together, I’ve finally got my new site up. Ya, ya.. it’s a wordpress/blog site, but whatever. It’s easy to manage posts, stories, content, and other junk. And, since I have a lot of ‘artsy junk’, this is a great solution. I’m sure I’ll continue to change links, add more content and a multitude of additional pages with my past and present work. Hopefully you’ll start to see a progression of my work over the years and if you like it.. support it by spreading the word, purchasing an album or 6, and/or buy me a coffee. If you find any links broken, damaged, or molested… please let me know. Have fun and I hope you’ll enjoy my work. cheers! /j

Dreamworks Animation Directed by: Dean DeBlois Chris Sanders (imdb) Licensed through X-Ray Dog

– My Kings and Kingdoms track, “Divine Crusade“, available through X-Ray Dog Music, graces the Theatrical Trailer#2 for Harry Potter – The Order of the Phoenix. (my cue starts roughly around ~1:23 – ~1:40)